Friday, April 19, 2013

Tape Sculptures

Packing tape side up, then side down, placed around a form will create impressive
sculptures. Inspired by artist Mark Jenkins. It was required that sculptures be placed
somewhere on campus or in the community.

Junior High Art Projects - Trees

Junior high students created expressive trees.
Twigs are used as brushes and dipped in black tempera paint to make the tree (easy clean up!)
Tree and background are colored with oil pastels.
Mixing and blending colors is required, and making gradations encouraged.
After a discussion of art aesthetics, students were free to create their own version of the tree.
Some students took a realistic approach, other a more expressive one.

High School Projects - Shattered Image

Here I used Crayola colored pencils 
to show my high school students how 
to make many gradations in a cubistic style.